About Sandra Dartnell

I make design happen.

I work with business directors.
I don’t design or develop.
I do consult and advise.

My specialism is enabling the right projects to advance in the right way.

Consultancy for Business – Buy design better
I am extremely good at understanding commercial value and delivering it through design.

Consultancy for Creative Agencies – Sell design better
I am also extremely good at understanding design and translating it into commercial value.

My consultancy is based on my background at leading digital, design and branding agencies. I have extensive experience of digital, design and branding projects working directly with decision makers and business owners.

Ask me about the value of design to your business
I will give you a straight forward answer and show you how to make design happen. Speak to Sandra Dartnell >


Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce MemberCovered by Hiscox Professional Indemnity Insurance Supporter of the Build a Creative Nation Campaign

Copyright © 2014 Sandra Dartnell trading as ThinkingCX and Make Design Happen

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